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Vote for the GOP in Anderson County Tennessee!

TN State Republican Executive Committee
(Vote for One of Each)

State Executive Committeewoman

Mayor Terry Frank

County Mayor

Theresa "Terry" Frank has been involved in the Republican party since she attended high school as part of the Young Republicans following generations of family tradition in public service. Most recently she served as vice chair of the county executive committee before being elected secretary in 2021. She has served as Anderson County Mayor since 2012 after running a family business for many years. She and her husband Lee have three adult sons and two young grandchildren.

Terry Frank, Mayor of Anderson County TN
Amy Jones

State Executive Committeewoman


Amy Jones, Republican State Executive Committeewoman 5th District (Anderson County, Loudon County and part of Knox Co)

Amy’s parents were Republican, she was raised with Republican values, she had continued to use these conservative values throughout her life. She have worked on several Republican campaigns, helped with party events even when she was just a member and didn’t hold a leadership position in the party. Being a Republican isn’t just a letter behind her name, it is a way of life. She loves the Republican party and will always work hard to make sure it is the “Good Old Party”.

She stated, “It was truly an honor to be elected as State Executive Committeewoman for the Republican Party  in August 2018, this position is an elected however is a volunteer position with no pay or reimbursement, it actually cost money to serve.” She is the past Vice Chair of the Anderson County Republican party, current Treasurer of the Anderson County Federated Republican Women and have helped numerous Republicans in their campaigns.

She is a lifelong Republican and currently resides in Briceville with my husband William Jones, a Past Chairman Anderson Co Republican Party. Together they hosted the largest Reagan day dinner in Anderson Co history in 2016. They have one daughter Sammantha, Grandson Wyatt and Granddaughter Paisleigh. They are members of Main Street Baptist Church. Amy is a licensed Insurance and Real Estate Agent.

Amy is very active in her community, sitting on several boards and organizations she is a member of the Rocky Top Chamber of Commerce, Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, Chair of the Women’s Ministry Dinner at church, Member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Order of the Amaranth, Diabetes Fundraiser Coordinator, ORSSAB Board Member, past Vice Chair of the Policy Council, 2-Year Chair of a 501c3 Diabetes Board, past and current leader and member of several community boards (too many to list here!) as well as volunteer, supporter and leader for numerous charitable organizations.

As the State Executive Committeewoman, she voted to close primaries, which is needed to stop democrat crossover. She has serve on the communication and Political State Committees. She was appointed by Trump’s Campaign to run on the ballot as a Delegate for Trump, which she was elected to and served in that position during the 2020 election.

Amy stated, “This election year has been the worst for contestants and removing individuals from the ballot across the state. We have seen more election contestant than in previous election years, and I would like to serve another 4 years to find a solution to these challenges and more. I will continue to vote for closed primaries and ask our State legislators to make it state law.”

If she is re-elected her goal will be to find a better way to contest an election, the party must find a better way to vet our candidates, and stop wasting money defending frivolous lawsuits over removing candidates from the ballot and overturning elections.

When asked why she would do this with no compensation, she said “I LOVE MY COUNTRY, MY STATE, MY COMMUNITY AND THE REPUBILCAN PARTY!”

Amy Jones, State Executive Committeewoman for Anderson County TN

State Executive Committeeman

Tim Hutchison

Scott Smith

State Executive Committeeman

Scott Smith has been involved in local politics for a number of years. Currently he serves as the State Executive Committeeman for this district which includes Anderson County, Loudon County, and parts of Knox County. He is very much appreciated for his guidance with political strategy and for staying actively involved in monthly party meetings. He is a realtor and brings business opportunities to the local area.

Scott Smith, State Executive Committeman representing Anderson County TN
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