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How to Vote in Anderson County

Voting in Anderson County

Register to Vote


First, register to vote in Anderson County at the website at least 30 days before an election. You will receive a Voter Registration Card in the mail.

To learn how to vote Absentee in the County, click here.


Find your Precinct and Voting Location


Your Anderson County Voter Registration Card shows your voting precinct and polling location. The card also shows your County District, City Ward (if applicable), School District, State House and State Senate Districts, and U.S. Congressional District.


School District 

Residents will vote for Board of Education members. 

County District 

Residents vote for the County Mayor every 4 years. Residents vote for two members of the County Commission. They also vote for the County Sherriff.

City Ward (if Applicable)

In addition to the Anderson County government, residents of Oak Ridge vote for candidates for City Council members, including the Mayor.


State Level

Anderson County is divided between the 33rd and the 41st State House Districts and is located in the 5th State Senate District.

State Republican Party Executive Committee

Residents will vote for one female and one male Representative from Anderson County.

National Level

Anderson County is located in the 3rd U.S. Congressional District of Tennessee.

NOTE: A Photo I.D. is required to vote in Tennessee.

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