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Democrats are such hypocrites. Maybe we look like that sometimes too but at least we are fighting for a better America. This weekend the local Democrat party released a video and message from the vice chair Chase Lindsey. It features their opinions on the savage terrorism we've all witnessed over the last week. It recommends taking social media away from children so they won't see the images. In the video the female (I think) states, "Adults have power. Adults have power to do something. Children don't have power to do anything so they are just witnessing things that might be very damaging to them while their brains are developing and while they don't have any power. So take that how you want to and be careful..." 

Think of this hypocrisy and how those comments apply to the foul, illegal, damaging sexual and violent books they want to keep in the public libraries! They would NEVER say this about those books, even though it is true. The books are damaging to developing brains. Adults do have power to manage sexuality with responsible consideration of risks. This is both infuriating and saddening. My message to Democrats is "Take my thoughts how you want to but be careful because you are violating the laws of Tennessee and violating scientific data that shows how damaging your books are to young people brains."         - Myra


Last year it was discovered that our local libraries carry books which violate State law regarding sexual materials available to minors. As this story unfolded many citizens expressed that they don't want our tax dollars funding the availability of sexually explicit materials even to adults. Read State law here.

This year the county commission heard its first presentation from citizens in February about these books. The presentation included graphic pictures from a children's book that are so highly offensive to the average Anderson Countian that even the commissioners didn't want to look at them. The library board held a forum in March at which appx 250 people packed the room and surrounding hallways. 60-70 of those citizens went to the podium and spoke their opinions. At the forum one man shared how images like these caused years of torment from addiction to porn and that condition is true for some of you reading this right now. Statistics show that porn use and addiction is a problem for millions of Americans; yes, millions. One citizen has spent hours finding research which overwhelmingly proves these materials damage the young brain. Teenagers have been wounded by exposure to novels like these that hold graphic language hidden in the context of the story. It causes a premature sexual awakening at a time when children and teens should be protected and guided toward life choices that lead to success in education, to healthy social relationships, to faith, and toward hope for the future.

In April your local Republican party sent out a poll asking if the respondents would prefer the books be completely removed from the libraries or only be restricted. Out of 105 respondents 78 wanted the books completely pulled from the libraries and only 27 replied to restrict them. Of those who responded I am certain that all are Anderson County residents and are representative of our larger community thereby giving us a glimpse into the "community standards" we expect to be protected by our elected officials. "Community standards" is a legal term which establishes what the citizens consider to be acceptable within their own community. This includes citizens personal values and views on this and any issue. I feel confident that the results of the poll correctly show that a majority of citizens in Anderson County are have conservative values and views about how this community should be run. We want your help in pushing our elected officials to remove sexually explicit materials from the public libraries throughout Anderson County. 

Each month citizens have attended library board meetings to speak out and are doing the same at county commission meetings. At the Anderson County Fair a petition was introduced to the public demanding the removal of these books. In the first five days over 1000 persons signed the petition. Since that time dozens of petitions are being circulated with hundreds more signers. You also may sign the petition on this website. 

Hundreds of books have been read, reviewed, and rated on a website called Click here to visit that website. WARNING: Graphic language used in books is quoted on the website. Parents should use this website to oversee what their children are reading. The scale is 0 to 5, with 5 being Adults Only content. Many books in the children and teen sections are rated 4 out of 5 for harmful content.

This is not a First Amendment issue as liberals claim. Our desire is that sexually explicit materials be removed though they will still be available to adults at their own expense outside the government systems. I observed this weekend that even Kroger in Oak Ridge is making attempts to follow the law by covering the front of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Several states have already been successful at removing explicit books from their public libraries.

That said, your help is needed. There is a petition created by concerned citizens which demands the local and state governments do everything required to remove explicit books from our taxpayer-funded, public and school libraries. Will you join your neighbors in signing the petition? Will you help circulate a petition in your community? Together we can make change to this situation and protect the future good of our children. Click HERE to Sign the Petition.



Terrorism is an evil demon. Our friend Israel came under attack last week in senseless murders of the elderly, moms, dads, their children, babies in a daycare center, as well as police, and military. Historically Gaza has been contentious over the land but that is not the only issue here. They are never satisfied with the deals made for them. Jewish prejudice is an international problem which exists in most every country of the world.


Politics in Washington is like a tug-of-war. On one side of the rope are conservatives and on the other are the liberals. In the middle is a SWAMP of special interests, lobbyists, insider stock-trading, and RINO betrayal. Conservatives from Anderson County regularly reach out to your local Republican party in disapproval of elected officials who call themselves Republicans but lean liberal when they are working on their job duties. It does matter to the people of Anderson County that Republicans uphold the GOP platform and conservative values. In Congress McCarthy was voted out because of this very problem. He made deals with Democrats which compromise the prosperity of the American people. Now we are watching to see if Jim Jordan, a stronger America First Republican will be elected so things can move on. VOTERS IN ANDERSON COUNTY DO NOT WANT ELECTED OFFICIALS betraying the GOP to make deals with liberals whether those liberals pose as an R or a D. WE ARE RED!


Thursday October 12 at the monthly Library Board meeting at Clinton Public Library some 100 people showed up to watch the meeting and to express their feelings about having books assessible to children with sex acts, child/adult sodomy, photos of naked bodies laying together, and how to commit school violence. As patrons entered the Clinton library whether adult or child a craft was on display facing the entryway which glamorizes a nude female chest who had surgery to try and change her identify to a male or non-binary. Glitter was used and the name of the minor teen who is said to have created it is listed below it. According to TN law 39-17-901, 911, and 914 it is unlawful to display nudity in front of minors. I saw a father or grandfather with 5 boys come in and out of the library and this piece was in no way restricted from those minors.

In addition, the county attorney Jay Yeager has spoken at several library board meetings strongly advising the passage of policies which at minimum would restrict these books. The library board has failed to pass such policies because each time they vote a majority of members are voting to keep the books available to minors or weakly restricted but not in compliance with State law.

I would like to hear from you, Anderson County citizens. Your local GOP club cares about this fight over our country. Email us at Sign up for the newsletter below.

If you have not yet signed the petition to have books removed which have sex acts, child/adult sodomy, photos of naked bodies laying together, advise to get online for more sexual information, and books about how to commit school violence please sign the petition HERE

To Donate to Republican efforts in Anderson County click HERE

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