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What makes a winning candidate? If you've ever considered running for office or are just now thinking about it for the first time, the ACRP Candidate School may be the place for you. If you want more information please call or text 865-712-8027 SOON! Election season is about to begin.....


Welcome  to dozens of new subscribers on this email list who are patriots we met at the Anderson County Fair last month. 



Did you see coverage of the Gold Star parents this week in Washington? The unpreparedness of the current leader is unforgivable in the way he handles our military. Stories of the leader of the Biden crime family being highly offensive as he met with wounded warriors and Gold Star families. One young man had just been through surgery, laying in the hospital bed with an amputated right arm when Joe Biden reached out to shake the hand which is now gone. We CANNOT STAND BY and allow another term for this weakling to run our country in the ground!

There are so many issues in front of us right now. It’s easy to get unnerved but it’s better to think of what you can do to help. We can fight to protect the children in Anderson County against sexualized library books and drug-related sex trafficking. We can work at the polls and increase voter participation. We can run for office or support someone who is. It’s time for a clarion call, “All hands on deck!” Will you help? 



Recently, one of the liberal-leaning churches in Oak Ridge sent out an email from their “Social Concerns Committee” attacking our GOP County Commissioner Anthony Allen because he is standing strong against the inappropriate and even pornographic materials in our taxpayer funded libraries.  Out of an estimated 150-200 churches countywide less than 10% are left-leaning churches. The rest of them are places of worship for Bible-believing, conservative-values patriots who love God, family, and country. However, if we sit back and allow liberals to speak slanderously and we do not rebut their lies then we become part of their deeds. Anthony is a courageous leader who previously led this local GOP to a new place of strength and is standing up for the protection of our children. We proudly stand with you Commissioner Allen!

If someone wants materials that the majority of us do not feel comfortable with then they may do so using their right to privacy without using taxpayer dollars. To sign the petition find the link at the top of this page.



We have some good Republicans serving as public officials. We do not want to lose those seats and we need good candidates for other seats. Next year there are opportunities to run for office on local school boards and city governments where we need some change. If you ever thought about running for office or would like to learn more then the ACRP Candidate School may be for you. This is coming up very soon so please reply to this email or call/text chairwoman Myra Mansfield to sign up at 865-712-8027.

To Donate to Republican efforts in Anderson County click the link below


Last year it was discovered that our local libraries carry books which violate State law regarding sexual materials available to minors. As this story unfolded many citizens expressed that they don't want our tax dollars funding the availability of sexually explicit materials even to adults. Read State law here.

This year the county commission heard its first presentation from citizens in February about these books. The presentation included graphic pictures from a children's book that are so highly offensive to the average Anderson Countian that even the commissioners didn't want to look at them. The library board held a forum in March at which appx 250 people packed the room and surrounding hallways. 60-70 of those citizens went to the podium and spoke their opinions. At the forum one man shared how images like these caused years of torment from addiction to porn and that condition is true for some of you reading this right now. Statistics show that porn use and addiction is a problem for millions of Americans; yes, millions. One citizen has spent hours finding research which overwhelmingly proves these materials damage the young brain. Teenagers have been wounded by exposure to novels like these that hold graphic language hidden in the context of the story. It causes a premature sexual awakening at a time when children and teens should be protected.

In April your local Republican party sent out a poll asking if the respondents would prefer the books be completely removed from the libraries or only be restricted. Out of 105 respondents 78 wanted the books completely pulled from the libraries and only 27 replied to restrict them. Of those who responded I am certain that all are Anderson County residents and are representative of our larger community thereby giving us a glimpse into the "community standards" we expect to be protected by our elected officials. "Community standards" is a legal term which establishes what the citizens consider to be acceptable within their own community. This includes citizens personal values and views on this and any issue. I feel confident that the results of the poll correctly show that a majority of citizens in Anderson County are have conservative values and views about how this community should be run. We want your help in pushing our elected officials to remove sexually explicit materials from the public libraries throughout Anderson County. 

Each month citizens have attended library board meetings to speak out and are doing the same at county commission meetings. Sadly in June a couple from Knoxville made a presentation about the harmful impacts of explicit materials on minors. 44% of the commissioners stayed outside the room during the presentation which was interpreted as being disrespectful. Efforts continue to move forward. Visit us at the Anderson County Fair to hear more.

Hundreds of books have been read, reviewed, and rated on a website called Click here to visit that website. WARNING: Graphic language used in books is quoted on the website. Parents should use this website to oversee what their children are reading. The scale is 0 to 5, with 5 being Adults Only content. Many books in the children and teen sections are rated 4 out of 5 for harmful content.

This is not a First Amendment issue as liberal voters claim. Our desire is that sexually explicit materials be removed though they will still be available to adults at their own expense outside the government systems. I observed this weekend that even Kroger in Oak Ridge is making attempts to follow the law by covering the front of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Several states have already been successful at removing explicit books from their public libraries.

That said, your help is needed. There is a petition created by concerned citizens which demands the local and state governments do everything required to remove explicit books from our taxpayer-funded, public and school libraries. Will you join your neighbors in signing the petition? Will you help circulate a petition in your community? Together we can make change to this situation and protect the future good of our children. Click HERE to Sign the Petition.

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